CSA Share Agreement

By purchasing a CSA share (vegetable, flower, or herb) I agree to the terms and details listed below.

Registration and Payment

I understand that when I sign up and pay for my membership that I have reserved my share and am liable for the full amount. If I fail to pay the full amount before June 1st, 2019 or decide not to participate, I no longer have the right to the share.

After June 1st, 2019 there is no refund for cancellation. Members may choose to find an alternate person to buy out the share, and the share ownership will be transferred to the new member. The new member will pay the original member directly.

Share pick up

I understand that my weekly deliveries will be distributed at my chosen pick up location. I am responsible for picking up my share every week. Pick up locations are in West Springfield and Fairfax for the entire season.

It is my responsibility to pick up my share during designated pick up times. If I, or a friend/neighbor is unable to pick up my share, it will be donated at the discretion of the site host.

Risk and bounty

I understand that as a member, I share in the risks and the bounty of farming, including but not limited to poor harvests due to unfavorable weather or pests, or the total loss of crops due to a natural disaster. Given this, I also understand that it is within Pocket Farms’ best interest to provide me with my full share, and will do everything within their power to provide me with enough delicious produce.

By joining Pocket Farm’s CSA, I agree to release, forever discharge, indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pocket Farms, the owners, agents and employees from all liability for negligence and any and all losses, damages, costs and attorneys’ fees resulting from any and all claims or suits for personal injuries, death and/or property damage of any kind while on the farm, at the pick up locations, or entering or leaving the premises.


By signing up for the CSA, I understand that I will be added to the weekly email list. This includes the weekly share information, updates for the farm, sales events, and any scheduling changes.

All our customer information is kept strictly confidential. We do not keep, sell, or share your email address to any other companies.


Pocket Farms reserves the right to change or adjust any of the above.

By purchasing a CSA share (vegetable, flower, or herb) I agree to the terms and details listed above.